Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Comes in the Box?

So I thought I would show everyone what came in my Dindrenzi starter fleet box.  I actually took the time to take one or two pictures with my crappy camera as well!

So don't judge my photography skills.  I'm working with an iPhone and poor lighting.  I'll get better as the blog goes along.  Anyway, you get 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, and 6 Destroyers.  These come with their flight stands and stat cards.  You also get two sheets of card stock full of tokens you need to cut out.

The detail on these tiny little things is fantastic.  There will also be very little assembly involved.  Each of the cruisers have four pieces, three for the destroyers, and seven for the big guy.  There is very little flash on any of the pieces, which is surprising from my past experience with resin (I'm looking at you, Forgeworld).  There are a few pieces that are a little warped but nothing a little warm water or a hair dryer can't fix.

Top down view of my warped cruiser.  Not too bad.
All in all, this looks like a great value to me.  It blows my mind to see how much detail Spartan Games is getting out of their resin miniatures for a fraction of the cost of what I'm accustomed to seeing.  Fifty bucks for this starter fleet feels like a steal compared to trying to get started in other games.  I can't wait to get these  things assembled and painted so I can start playing some games with them!

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