Monday, June 10, 2013

Are you kidding me?!

Gale Force Nine's fantastic Battlefield In A Box line has a new item!

Sweet!  Out of the box asteroids with no need to paint, drill, model, or anything else!  How much?!  Well, about forty bucks....  Are you effing kidding me?
Guys, seriously, if you ever ever ever feel the need to buy this product, punch yourself in the face.  In the time it takes you to go to your favorite FLGS to pick up a box of these, you could have made yourself three times as many asteroids for a quarter of the price.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Battlefield In A Box.  I have many of their gothic buildings set.  They're great.  This is not.  This is flushing money down the drain.

In case you missed it, Here is the link to my, admittedly, slapdash asteroid tutorial but it really conveys just how easy it is!  If you are still feeling lazy about doing it yourself, I'll go one step further.  Here is the link to the exact bag of lava rock I used.  Order the bag and you have an entire table of asteroids!  I have an entire box of asteroids and I'm only halfway through my bag!  Save your hard-earned money so you can buy more awesome Firestorm miniatures instead of getting taken for a ride by GF9.

End Rant.

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  1. Why not try to throw products like this into the market.
    There's a big company in TT-Business that works perfectly with products like this ;)